Friday, 1 October 2010

The 80's Aftermath

When photographer Paul threw his Japanese BBQ complete with 80's fancy dress, a breakdancing competition (I came 2nd), homemade Limoncello, and hundreds of tea lights, he took the Come Dine With Me crown.

The next day was my shoot, I blame the limoncello for the subsequent strop fest. Firstly we all had to climb a fence to get to the location, not an easy feat in boiling sun with seven hangovers and a fully styled model.

She may have had her fair share the night before as she managed to fall up a step and graze her knees. Mid-shot a fly landed on one and she cried (bad news for makeup story) so we had to get creative with the styling-come-medical kit. Pretty dressings hey?

Next we had to bribe the farmer whose land we were trespassing on to let us finish the shoot, but it was worth it for the shots, the view and the lamb spotting. I must admit I wasn't overjoyed with the idea of Spain for a trip destination-not quite as exotic as previous escapades to Hong Kong or South Africa-but this trip so far has been gorgeous. North Mallorca, I stand corrected...

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