Thursday, 27 January 2011

A message from the kittens

Yes this is a more obscure blog post, but it couldn't go unposted. At great risk to my iPad screen's safety, I downloaded the Cat Toy app (anyone with cat and iPad, get this. It's the best party trick ever), so now my cats are able to use an iPad, their intelligence knows no bounds.

It shouldn't have been too surprising then when Columbo calmly turned on my blog app with his nose, watched by Elwood, pressed the 'new post button' got up the type pad and TYPED. Then walked off when he was done. Could this be the first meaningful kitten communication recorded? He's clearly sending me kisses and asking me to be quiet. My catchild is genius, you heard it here first...

KITTEN POST IN FULL, recorded 25/01/11:

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day

That's what's going on in the office today at least. In honour of our friends down under I'll be giving away all the delicious treats I was sent, even though I want to eat them all in one sitting (seriously people, this is like sending booze to Lindsay Lohan in her rehab suite), and instead using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle like I used to when I was a teenager. If for nothing other than the nostalgic scent - so glad they kept it the same for years and years (and years).

In other news, we have also been swept away by the Black Swan publicity tidal wave. Some of us more than others Lucy Wood and Kate S...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

At Last! some beauty news

My back to work glow wore off after about twenty minutes of looking at this: A LOT piles up in the beauty department when its editor is a part timer...

Also, there were no less than three deliveries of chocolates. Yes I know, so ungrateful, but you don't understand how much it hurts to give up something you love as much as I love chocolate for six months. It hurts a lot more when you get sent Lindor (my favourite in the world) and have to give it up to Lucy Wood, Fashion News Editor. Lucky b**stard. If you are a PR with a heart please keep the chocolates in your own office. But thanks for the thought!

Two things restored me to my former glory. One, the next installment from Nails Inc for Diet Coke. Just like the last collaboration, which contained my 2010 nail obsession, 'London', this Catwalk Collection has Cool Caramel. Which is basically my 2011 nail obsession. I know its early days but I'm feeling confident that it can take the crown. Its ltd. ed. you have to buy 2 little bottles of Diet Coke from Boots - the maths will never work out (Nails Inc full size, which this is, costs £11, and this colour is outstanding), but really, don't question it.

Oh, and the other happy thing: the YSL ring on my finger, yes, I succumbed to Net A Porter in a moment of severe boredom, and it was worth the tenner postage...

the other 3 shades in the collection

Monday, 17 January 2011

Today I'm PJ's. Again.

This post could have been called 'I miss work', but I'm following the positive trip, so its a 'today I'm wearing...'

Sadly chemotherapy has allayed my makeup preoccupation - only on a 'two week on, one week off' basis, but since this is my one week off, I have no real TIW to report. Don't be fooled though, these are no ordinary PJ's, they are in fact M&S cashmere ones (I didn't even mean to make that sound like the ad btw), courtesy of fashion director Hannah, I live in them. Also my sister's genius xmas present - cable knit (CABLE KNIT CABLE KNIT - did I mention I love cable knit? ever?) socks! SOCKS! these are exciting. Fleece lined and complete with kitten-attracting bobbles, I also live in these. Maybe my laundry schedule needs some looking at...

But mostly, yes. I miss work. Its difficult to not have things to write about. My feet are returning to their former healthy glory, when a freak day in heels causes shock to the nerve endings and by 16.30 I start walking a bit like Bambi.

So bring on tomorrow when I get to stumble around IPC in some 4-inchers, devour press releases, squeeze a few issues of mag work into a 3 day week and hopefully get some blog fodder too. And I can't WAIT to needlessly (I'm not leaving my desk!) apply my favourite Dior Rouge Dior in Red Premier at frequent intervals. I can't believe how much I do love lipstick...

p.s. In the meantime The Outnet keeps me occupied. These Lanvin TRAINERS are tempting me. Goodness how I've changed.
p.p.s. Dear, these make me think of you x

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Today I'm wearing... The original retro red

One of the more advantageous aspects of being a woman is the happy ability to nail paint, paint, paint to our hearts content. The opposite sex can also do so of course but generally with varying connotations of gay, grunge, goth - all the g's really.

This week I have been reapplying (I'm not very good at taking off and starting again) Revlons original 1952 shade in its 2010 reincarnation, All Fired Up. The Fire & Ice campaign starring Jessica Biel and shot by Mario Testino is a suitably glamorous tribute to it's immaculate original, and although a classic 50's shade, in my head its more a 1980's in your face scarlet that's giving me a mood boost today.

Love the Fire & Ice matching lippy too, but not quite brave enough to wear it while so pasty. Let's hope it's still around when the sun comes back, should have blogged this ltd edition before now!

Available at Boots

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Move Over Henry The Hoover...

I'm a frankly rubbish housewife, and with all my shoot experience I quickly realised the iron was obsolete and the humble steamer would be well worth the £100 I spent as soon as I moved in with dad jokes.

Wrong. My first foray into home steamer territory was the internet special from Unfortunately I believed the hype on the super steamer website. This thing leaks on the floor, weeps at the sight of crinkly shirts, but yes, does just about tackle a pair of knickers. Who needs those ironed anyway? Maybe Anna Wintour, but she'd spend more than the price of a crappy steamer on the maid doing it I'm sure.

But I digress. I've been suckered in by the new fashion favourite on the block and i think I'm in love. Fridja Steamer, the fashion industry's new obsession has arrived. Cute, compact, professional photoshoot worthy, PINK! (called Coco, but you can have a Karl - black, Anna herself - white, etc etc) and best of all, £99. I'm pretty sure I need this in my life.

Is the under £100 price tag too good to be though? I fell in that trap last time. Anyone tried one/has one who can confirm the glorious reviews? I'm going to need the easy life for a bit and I'd so love to put my faith in Coco the Fridja. Http://

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