Monday, 11 October 2010


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After a humorous conversation on the tube with DadJokes about how I'd dress when I'm a granny, (humorous only for him - I don't know what is funny about my conviction to ONLY wear converse, straight cut jeans and cashmere jumpers), I have been thinking about how I will definitely be 100% Granny Fresh. Granny Fresh for the uninitiated is a rarely cool older lady. This could be anything from full on Zandra Rhodes to, well, converse and straight cut jeans. Its how you wear them. Watch this space in 35 years and you'll be convinced, I promise.

But I digress. It seems the 'Fresh' has set in a little early, as I have become addicted to Tapestry. I was sent the most beautiful kit by Tapestry wonder-designer Emily Peacock. This was after I suggested tapestry was the new knitting in a trends meeting at work, it got picked up as a story, and I was sent a kit to try. Fast forward a few weeks and DadJokes has become a Home Crafts widow. Seriously, I got up at 8am at the weekend and stitched till 13.30 without even noticing.

The kit I'm working on - not mine literally - mine does not look quite as good as this. YET

I'm sure he is counting the days (I calculate around 415) till I complete my masterpiece, so he won't be quite as excited as I was to find this email in my inbox this morning. A NEW DESIGN! And a collaboration with paper artist Rob Ryan. ilovelipstick readers will recognise this from a mini post a while ago, but look at it in its completed glory. Swooon.

I reckon this obsession could well take me into the winter of my life - at the rate I'm going anyway - and am happy to say I have taken a few people down with me. Fashion Director Hannah and, of course, Katie Selby are kit converts. Granny Fresh in my thirties? Come to think of it I do love a cashmere sweater too...

'Give Me Work' Tapestry kit produced by Emily Peacock from an original and exclusive design by Rob Ryan, £70

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