Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Headline Game

Spinning a beauty story a week is no mean feat, so it is inevitable that every so often I'll come up with an obscure story that works in theory, but then I'm presented with the ultimate challenge:

A snappy headline that sums up the story but isn't 'punny'.

The good news is this excites my entire desk of, erm, alternative thinkers who like to get involved. Some with more aplomb than others ("ooooh, are we playing the headline game?" chips in Jess with genuine enthusiasm. Aww)

So, a story about different beauty looks for different music tribes, but with no festival reference even though it was shot at a festival:

These were my offerings:
Jess: Beauty Groupies (winner!)
Katie: GIG FACE. ...I mean, I ask you?
Lucy: Backstage Beauty
Sophie: Beauty Headliners

If ever you find yourself in the same predicament try Lucy's rule of thumb (I think they teach these things at the LFC or something). 'If in doubt, use alliteration'. 

Other rule: don't ask Katie...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beauty and the Football

If this is what the LOOK office looked like from 15.00 today I'm not surprised I didn't get a single email or phonecall from then till ten to five.

Trying to produce a beauty shoot with one week's notice, option models, recruit photographers, speak to my boyfriend is just not possible with a demented nation of football obsessives on my hands.  Who knew the fashion industry was so invested?

(But well done England. Yey!)

Monday, 14 June 2010

look, it's LOOK!

Shooting the Main Beauty LOOK shoot backstage at H&M at Isle of Wight in the sun. We had an interested and interesting audience.


I love Isle of Wight. It's my kind of festival, sunny, pleasant, friendly etc. I love it a hell of a lot more when MAC offers to have me and my friend (for festival purposes Debbie replaces DadJokes, he can't be doing with portaloo's) stay in their amazing mansion off site. Complete with golf cart so we don't have to walk anywhere. Absolute Radio passes so we get the very best view of the stage, and celebrities obviously, and all the lashes and lipstick I could ask for, applied by their artists on a daily basis.

At least I could do my filming for LOOK safe in the knowledge I looked more fabulous than festival. Cue interviews with Paloma Faith , Caroline Flack, Erin O Conner, as well as a terrifying sabotage by Lee Francis (watch out for this vid on soon, and here also of course).

The last day shooting main beauty for the mag, with MAC senior artist Neil Young, involved us all piling onto the big wheel for one of the shots. I was scared to the point of rollercoaster fear, shameful I know but I am older than all those creams let on.

Thank you Ruth Wiles, Jane Walsh, Kate Armitage and team for a festival fabulous weekend, pleeease can I come next year?

getting my makeup done in the MAC backstage area before filming

Ruth at MAC helps me with the Big Wheel shot

p.s. Beyond Retro does a mean line in rain macs. £3 a pop! love.

Rapid Dash

I am really not a one for
leet (that's Internet slang to you and me), but this mornings super launch definitely calls for an OMG...

The genius that is Robyn and the team at Kilpatrick PR turned a launch for RapidLash (actually and  genuinely amazing lash growth serum - I'll be posting my trial results soon), into a rapidDASH - get it? Which means a half hour spin round Urban Outfitters with a spend limit to reach and calculator to hand.

The collective gasp of thirty beauty editors when that was announced was nearly as amusing as the gentle ambling pace we assumed, when inside we were all screaming with panic and the need for speed. 

The no refund or exchange you see. I was rewarded grandly with some gorgeous Peter Jensen numbers. Sadly DadJokes was not so fortunate, and didn't even end up with a t-shirt. NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE you see. That is where the panic sets in for the fashion obsessed. 

Selfish, maybe. Sartorial, why of course! Thanks today to RapidLash

Join the RapidLash waiting list at Boots here

Friday, 11 June 2010

Something Smells...

...incredible. I'm on set today shooting something very exciting for Pantene (a new campaign no less - more on that later), and have been mesmerised by something in the air all day. Very Pepe Le Peu, I know.

Having traced the source to makeup artist Amanda Grossman, I've discovered that she makes it herself. The most intriguing thing is this gorgeous smell has Patchouli in it. Which I can't stand, how does she do it?

I think the woman may be a genius. She is planning to bottle it, when she does (please do please do), I will no doubt be adding to my signature collection (it's called a wardrobe these days btw)

Any perfume bottlers out there? Sort it out please...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Mmm, Donuts

Not to be confused with the sugary kind (or a certain inappropriate bedroom toy - take note boyfriend of Senior Picture Researcher Emily), the humble hair donut has taken the office by storm.

Once Mr Emily had recovered from the shock of seeing it on the bed, he saw it in Emily's hair (see below), and thought it looked like a mushroom.

Ok, so not one for the boys, but since Katie trotted it out a few issues ago, the bun-boosting tool has been seen on everyone from associate editor to intern. I can't master it myself,  which is somewhat embarrassing, but when you have an assistant to hand - you don't need to even try to learn. 

Having seen a recent bow-in-beehive hair accessory shot I did, the art team are beside themselves with hybrid excitement. 

Soon to feature; the BOWNUT. Oooooh...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Having believed the hype, listened to the fall out (Jess went on opening night, fell asleep for 15 minutes), and RSVP'd to 3 screening invites, I went last night to Everyman Theatre on Baker Street, courtesy of Nivea.

A few cupcakes, canapes and Cosmopolitans later and the verdict is: I quite liked it! The fashion was incredible (for my tastes), Halston Heritage overloaded somewhat, but hey, it looked good. 

WINNER: Zac Posen skirt - this whole outfit is the stuff of dreams. Some peoples nightmares granted, but my sweet, sweet, expensive dreams.

RUNNER UP:  Leonard harem jumpsuit and Michael & Hushi Gilet, and that necklace. And that hair! And that makeup! I'm sorry to sound like a Carrie superfan, I'm not normally, honest.

THE LOSER: I'm guessing this is a Galliano number because of his 'front page news' face on the front - I'm sorry, I just don't like. Cowl neck and  a-symmetric hem? Really?

The turnout wasn't quite as Nivea had hoped...(kidding, it was packed! we were early - eager? us?)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Feeding Time At The Zoo

Not too far off and nearly as terrifying as the front few rows at a Justin Bieber concert, a LOOK beauty sale is something that has to be seen to be believed. 

So here, feast your eyes... (Deadlines? What deadlines?)