Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Cheryl Effect

I'll gloss (excuse the pun) over the mahogany hair dye thing, for fear of parroting all the media coverage about it. I won't even mention the slightly pushy red trend that has spilled over onto her mentorees - even though that would be a right and proper beauty angle for this post.

Instead I would like to touch upon THOSE tights. Cheryl's performance on X-Factor may have affected her prospective record sales, it may have boosted public interest in hair extensions and yes, red hair dye, but what it did most was make me slightly obsessed with bondage tights.
I realise they only work with a long jacket and nothing else, but I still would very much like to parade around the house in a pair.

I'm not the only one. Selfridges have set up a wait list because the Wolford Sahara Bondage Tights sold out immediately after Sunday's appearance.

Want to join? You'll have to get in line behind me and (fingers crossed, eventually) fork out £32 but here you go then - call 0800 123 400

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