Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Most Local Nail Bar There Is

The anticipation was incredible; "Will you be in the office on Wednesday? You HAVE to both be there and you need somewhere with enough space to store your BIG present", said the Nails Inc pr, we were also given the most specific ETA ever, so at 16.10 precisely we were scheduled to be downstairs in the foyer, expectant to say the least.

Much speculation later (highlights: it must be human/a man will jump out of something-where will we store him?/maybe it's a twice lifesize cut out of me and Katie) we were presented with THIS:

Look at the joy on Katie's face, and who wouldn't be joyful at the prospect of their very own nail bar? Especially me having recently moved out of Hackney and all it's Vietnamese highstreet fare.

This set of all 40 Nails Inc best sellers, TIMES FOUR is the grown up equivalent of my teenage Pick n Mix dreams. A never ending shop stock supply! Ahhh, what a colorful stroke of gifting genius Nails Inc...

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