Friday, 29 October 2010


Oh my goodness, have I found the (almost) equal to Nails Inc's ltd edition Diet Coke shade in London that you can't get anymore? I just might have.

Watch this space...

Thursday, 28 October 2010

MY secrets...

The cutest perfume to ever come out of the house of Guerlain (well, aside from that bee bottle, so cute) is a dark floral concoction in a miniature flacon, with the best name there ever was... 'Les Secrets Des Sophie'.

I am very pleased to say I now own a bottle, so thought it befitting to divulge a few of my own...

I have an unhealthy obsession with coats, jackets, cardi-coats, anything coat like. And Alex Monroe necklaces. It is my birthday soon, the only thing I can think of is this Pea Pod necklace - but I get one most birthdays. Too many? What a shameful dilemma...

If I could have kittens instead of babies, I think I might

At last count I owned 75 pairs of shoes, not counting flats or flip flops. Don't tell DadJokes, I hide a lot of them, mostly because I can't walk in them - but all so beautiful!

This is a bad one - when I lived in Hackney, I got Nails Inc acrylic tips, very kindly via the press office. I promised I was in no way stupid enough to get them filled in anywhere disreputable and would of course come back to Nails Inc at every opportunity to get them redone. Instead I made monthly visits to the Vietnamese place at the end of my road, where they drill them off and reapply. This, for the uninitiated, is the equivalent of putting your cream cashmere jumper in a hot wash. With a red sock. But it cost £15 and they made my hands look like they belonged to a proper beauty editor. Not any more mind you, I'm a little bit shy of manicures now. In hindsight - avoid the Vietnamese drill.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Cheryl Effect

I'll gloss (excuse the pun) over the mahogany hair dye thing, for fear of parroting all the media coverage about it. I won't even mention the slightly pushy red trend that has spilled over onto her mentorees - even though that would be a right and proper beauty angle for this post.

Instead I would like to touch upon THOSE tights. Cheryl's performance on X-Factor may have affected her prospective record sales, it may have boosted public interest in hair extensions and yes, red hair dye, but what it did most was make me slightly obsessed with bondage tights.
I realise they only work with a long jacket and nothing else, but I still would very much like to parade around the house in a pair.

I'm not the only one. Selfridges have set up a wait list because the Wolford Sahara Bondage Tights sold out immediately after Sunday's appearance.

Want to join? You'll have to get in line behind me and (fingers crossed, eventually) fork out £32 but here you go then - call 0800 123 400

Monday, 25 October 2010

Today I am wearing... Actual Foundation (for the first time in 30 years)

It is true - I am not a foundation fan. I've also been lucky enough to not really need it - a bit of concealer where necessary and a few dabblings with fake tan (bad idea), tinted moisturiser (doesn't really work on me) and translucent powder have got me through my 30 years just fine thanks. Even so I am a dedicated and true to form Beauty Editor so when someone tells me to try something, I do do it.

Thanks are due then to Helen at Guerlain for putting Lingerie De Peau in my trial-sights. I think it is some kind of magic, because even me - not a dab hand at faultless makeup application, can whack it on with no tidemarks, dark circles or hint of a hangover. Even
with an obscene hangover. Plus its mineral so doesn't play havoc with my sensitive skin. I keep saying to my friends, 'look at my face though! I NEVER wear
foundation but look!' and yes, they all agree, faultless to a T.

I am converted.

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau invisible Skin Fusion Foundation, shop it here

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pretty in Pink

Tuesday evening saw me standing outside Harrods post outfit panic (invite said 'dress code: cocktail with a hint of pink', read five minutes before cab arrived). Quick fashion cupboard raid later and I'm in baby pink sequins and Stargazer fluro pink lipstick. Shall have to do.

The cause? Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon campaign has taken over Harrods for the annual illuminations ceremony, with Liz Hurley doing the honors (usual uniform: micro, glitzy, spangly, it was f-f-freezing btw). In 5,4,3,2,1 Harrods would be PINK! I was lucky rough to be invited to the VIP bit, festooned with fetching pink 3D specs, an LED balloon, and felt very Christmassy and special when they did come on, even if they weren't pink per se.

The Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection 2010 is on sale in Harrods now in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A great cause if ever there was one and a lust worthy collection if ever I saw one.

The reception afterwards was prettily pink enough to make my 2 year old niece Poppy very proud. Just another day in beauty land...

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Today I'm Wearing...Banana Nails

I've never been one for a kooky coloured nail. It just doesn't work on me. Even Chanel's Nouvelle Vague couldn't sway me.

So when Precision Nail Lacquer in Enlightenment landed on my desk, I tested it out again (I learnt to love olives this way. When presented with the opportunity I'd always try them, and hate them. 2010 sees me reach the point where I even bought some for lunch today)

I was not so surprised to learn that the Olive Method does not work for banana nails. So today I am almost wearing, on one hand only, but probably not for long, Enlightenment Nail Polish by Precision. Maybe next season?..
Precision Nail Polish available here, £5.95

Monday, 18 October 2010

Tell Your Friends...

Still on the new look blog trip, another introduction. 'Tell Your Friends' is something of a review channel for anything from products to treatments to people to trips to travel.

How better to start than a long overdue visit to Kennaland in London Fields (too cool for school strip of street that varies in degrees of trendiness and ridiculousness. Want more of an overview? click here).

This trip came about when I had a long overdue drink with Kenna (yes, of Kennaland - good friend) and before 'hello' he looked at my hair and said 'when can I fix you?'

The next day I was booked in, which is saying something, as since it's inception in January this year, Kenna is pretty much booked out with regular clients from Corine Bailey Ray or Mark Ronson to Kenna's own mum, who was in when I was.

Kennaland is like a members club, only much friendlier, and with better hair. The approach has something of the Anne Frank about it, hidden behind an unassuming any-old-door, and the reception is not anything resembling a reception, with squashy sofas, antique things (the collection is too eclectic to be categorised) and a really nice atmosphere - the whole thing is not your typical hairdressing experience. Kennaland is a Studio by the way. Definitely NOT a salon, (as I drunkenly referred to it once. Mistake). You'll see why when you go there. There are only three cutting stations for one, did I mention it's a bit different?

In short the exclusivity (they never give away the address, you only get it once an appointment has been booked) makes you feel particularly special, the decor makes you feel like you've been time warped, the occasional freaky detail makes you feel like that one-wine-too-many from last night just hit you again, but then the head massage makes you feel heavenly and get to sit in the masters chair (if you're lucky). Here is the view:

A very efficient and entertaining cut later and yes, I am well and truly fixed. The only problem is the cut went down so well at home that I'll now need regular visits, which could require a bit of waiting list manipulation. Can you bump me up please Kenna?

relaxing in 'reception', needing a 'fix'

Kenna's Collectibles. Kept the younger clientele happy though, freaked out all the older ones.


Appointments at Kennaland can be made here,
or call 0207 254 2416

Friday, 15 October 2010

Cupcake Massacre

Maybe the courier who delivered this kind gift from an unknown source was having a bad day. If he were a cupcake Au Pair he would be convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of nine minors, cause of death: violent shaking episode.

I would like to thank the giftee or ee's, but the courier also seems to have removed the accompanying gift card and/or press release. So whoever sent them to the office, thank you very much, we appreciate the thought and the whole office was united in sympathy.

Today I'm Wearing...

Watch this digital space for a new look blog, soon to be launched. To break you in gently I'll be introducing a couple of new channels, BUT until I've worked out my html from my byob, they'll just appear in the normal post feed.

'Today I'm Wearing' will cover anything of interest from (nail) tip to (booted) toe, as well as some other people who are wearing something of note. Marginally excited? You should be...

So, to kick off;

Today I'm Wearing...McQueen-alikes

The result of an impromptu trolley dash in H&M, one pair, my size, £14.99, done!

What a difference a shoe makes, from pyjama to power trouser in one pony skin Louboutin step.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Most Local Nail Bar There Is

The anticipation was incredible; "Will you be in the office on Wednesday? You HAVE to both be there and you need somewhere with enough space to store your BIG present", said the Nails Inc pr, we were also given the most specific ETA ever, so at 16.10 precisely we were scheduled to be downstairs in the foyer, expectant to say the least.

Much speculation later (highlights: it must be human/a man will jump out of something-where will we store him?/maybe it's a twice lifesize cut out of me and Katie) we were presented with THIS:

Look at the joy on Katie's face, and who wouldn't be joyful at the prospect of their very own nail bar? Especially me having recently moved out of Hackney and all it's Vietnamese highstreet fare.

This set of all 40 Nails Inc best sellers, TIMES FOUR is the grown up equivalent of my teenage Pick n Mix dreams. A never ending shop stock supply! Ahhh, what a colorful stroke of gifting genius Nails Inc...

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Mans World - in part

With the exception of the odd personal dedication, its not often I fill a post with man talk. Unless the subject is exceptional - in this case - plastic moustaches.

Not since Jamie Cullum met Sophie Dahl has a collaboration been more unusal, but whoever came up with the idea to pair up classic, elegant, quintissentially english Penhaligon's with plastic fantastic, poppy, youthful Tatty Devine, had something like a stroke of genius.

To celebrate their new men's fragrance, 'Sartorial' inspired by Saville Row (what does that particular street smell like I wonder?) Penhaligons enlisted Tatty Devine to create an exclusive collection of, well, moustache jewellery.

Sounds odd in theory, and I suppose it is a little, but show me some hirsute cufflinks and I want them! I don't even have cuffs, but I'm sold.

available now at Penhaligon’s and Tatty Devine boutiques and online at and

· Acrylic Moustache Necklace £25

· Wooden Moustache Necklace £30

· Small Moustache Badge £25

· Moustache Brooch £30

Monday, 11 October 2010


picture taken from

After a humorous conversation on the tube with DadJokes about how I'd dress when I'm a granny, (humorous only for him - I don't know what is funny about my conviction to ONLY wear converse, straight cut jeans and cashmere jumpers), I have been thinking about how I will definitely be 100% Granny Fresh. Granny Fresh for the uninitiated is a rarely cool older lady. This could be anything from full on Zandra Rhodes to, well, converse and straight cut jeans. Its how you wear them. Watch this space in 35 years and you'll be convinced, I promise.

But I digress. It seems the 'Fresh' has set in a little early, as I have become addicted to Tapestry. I was sent the most beautiful kit by Tapestry wonder-designer Emily Peacock. This was after I suggested tapestry was the new knitting in a trends meeting at work, it got picked up as a story, and I was sent a kit to try. Fast forward a few weeks and DadJokes has become a Home Crafts widow. Seriously, I got up at 8am at the weekend and stitched till 13.30 without even noticing.

The kit I'm working on - not mine literally - mine does not look quite as good as this. YET

I'm sure he is counting the days (I calculate around 415) till I complete my masterpiece, so he won't be quite as excited as I was to find this email in my inbox this morning. A NEW DESIGN! And a collaboration with paper artist Rob Ryan. ilovelipstick readers will recognise this from a mini post a while ago, but look at it in its completed glory. Swooon.

I reckon this obsession could well take me into the winter of my life - at the rate I'm going anyway - and am happy to say I have taken a few people down with me. Fashion Director Hannah and, of course, Katie Selby are kit converts. Granny Fresh in my thirties? Come to think of it I do love a cashmere sweater too...

'Give Me Work' Tapestry kit produced by Emily Peacock from an original and exclusive design by Rob Ryan, £70

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Phenomenon of the Missing Comments

I know you're reading them you see, there are stat counters for such spy type purposes. I get Facebook comments on them, so why everyday is there an ugly '0' preceding the 'comments' word on my blog posts? Is it something I've done. Not done?

I realise this post could go one of two ways, it'll either set a record for number of comments (I vote this way) or it'll dissuade commenters from commenting where they may have had a slight inclination to before...

If not for me, do it for Meaty GaGa, that stuff didn't do wonders for her skin you know, although the mosses loved it. And I know she has some serious fans out there...Mosquitos not included.

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Friday, 1 October 2010

The 80's Aftermath

When photographer Paul threw his Japanese BBQ complete with 80's fancy dress, a breakdancing competition (I came 2nd), homemade Limoncello, and hundreds of tea lights, he took the Come Dine With Me crown.

The next day was my shoot, I blame the limoncello for the subsequent strop fest. Firstly we all had to climb a fence to get to the location, not an easy feat in boiling sun with seven hangovers and a fully styled model.

She may have had her fair share the night before as she managed to fall up a step and graze her knees. Mid-shot a fly landed on one and she cried (bad news for makeup story) so we had to get creative with the styling-come-medical kit. Pretty dressings hey?

Next we had to bribe the farmer whose land we were trespassing on to let us finish the shoot, but it was worth it for the shots, the view and the lamb spotting. I must admit I wasn't overjoyed with the idea of Spain for a trip destination-not quite as exotic as previous escapades to Hong Kong or South Africa-but this trip so far has been gorgeous. North Mallorca, I stand corrected...

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