Thursday, 28 October 2010

MY secrets...

The cutest perfume to ever come out of the house of Guerlain (well, aside from that bee bottle, so cute) is a dark floral concoction in a miniature flacon, with the best name there ever was... 'Les Secrets Des Sophie'.

I am very pleased to say I now own a bottle, so thought it befitting to divulge a few of my own...

I have an unhealthy obsession with coats, jackets, cardi-coats, anything coat like. And Alex Monroe necklaces. It is my birthday soon, the only thing I can think of is this Pea Pod necklace - but I get one most birthdays. Too many? What a shameful dilemma...

If I could have kittens instead of babies, I think I might

At last count I owned 75 pairs of shoes, not counting flats or flip flops. Don't tell DadJokes, I hide a lot of them, mostly because I can't walk in them - but all so beautiful!

This is a bad one - when I lived in Hackney, I got Nails Inc acrylic tips, very kindly via the press office. I promised I was in no way stupid enough to get them filled in anywhere disreputable and would of course come back to Nails Inc at every opportunity to get them redone. Instead I made monthly visits to the Vietnamese place at the end of my road, where they drill them off and reapply. This, for the uninitiated, is the equivalent of putting your cream cashmere jumper in a hot wash. With a red sock. But it cost £15 and they made my hands look like they belonged to a proper beauty editor. Not any more mind you, I'm a little bit shy of manicures now. In hindsight - avoid the Vietnamese drill.

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