Friday, 21 October 2011

Laced Up

The nail wrap thing is still going strong. We've had offerings from Bespoke Look Rebel Nails, to Gallo Wine scented Merlot ones, and having covered them in the mag (er, not those ones) on many an occasion, I thought I'd be a bit bored of them by now.

Seems not, I love how easy they are and since I am generally a bit  crap at my own beauty maintenance, anything easy is a winner.

I also love the ring finger manicure trend that is sweeping the industry - since I am slightly nail art shy, -so having eyed up these Sally Hansen Salon Effect wraps on my desk for the last four days, I tried them out and yes, do so love the effect.

Although I am very nearly 32. Too old for art?

 My dad will give me his verdict over a plate of pasta tonight. He is very aware of the state of my nails, finds chips abhorrent, trendy grey tones 'dead' and a mix of colours 'weird'. (I go home with test nails regularly - whereby I get a desk drop and try every single shade on every single finger). Who knew a 68 year old male could throw fear into my fingertip choices?

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