Friday, 23 July 2010

Lipstick Xmas Picks at Selfridges

Its been a while since I was excited about Christmas. Sad isn't it?
This year and I've already had a tingle, courtesy of the plethora of wowzers set to sell out inSelfridges. I was walking round their Christmas press day thinking of my personal wish list, rather than the magazine opportunities.

Case 1. Jean Charles de Castelbajac Bambi shoes
There are no words. Apart from CUTE. and AMAZING, and OOOOH. But would I wear them? who cares...

Case 2. Anya Hindmarch Chequers Clutch
Pretty AND practical, if you consider a quick classic board game on your handbag a necessity. And who wouldn't?

Case 3. Cire Trudon Stink Bombs, £29 for 10
Its not often I 'wishlist' a beauty product (terrible I know, but I can generally get them free). But I'm a massive sucker for something a bit different. These stink bombs are the next big thing in home fragrance, guerrilla style. Break the glass vial and enjoy the stink. Genius.

Next they'll be inventing smell-as-you-read fairy tales. Wait, what? launching in November? no way...

p.s. I always get a slight kick out of walking through London, post Christmas in July launch, with a bag like this. You can see the 'but it's JULY!' confusion on everyone's faces. It's an industry thing daaahling...

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The one where I went blonde

OK, so not so literally, but when I wasn't running in and out of the makeup room, sorting the clothes and perfecting the Spotify playlist on my shoot yesterday, Claire was perfecting her 'slightly chav' wig on me for a certain high fashion mag shoot she did today.

One VERY fetching hairnet, several extra peroxide wefts, reduced circulation in my ears and a serious styling session later and the transformation is complete.

The verdict? Makeup artist Karin Darnell said, and I quote, 'You look like you should be on an estate.' And she didn't mean the listed building variety.

Claire was a LOT more pleased with that than I was, that was the look she was going for. And I learnt to never go this shade in real life if I can help it.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Aaaand another one!

Part three of a four part saga - this week I'm contouring in a Kate Moss stylee. (I wish).

There are several points I have noted for my next batch of filming.

1) under NO circumstances should any camera be allowed to film me from below. Direct route to a double chin.

2) Unlearn how to look like you've had several bouts of botox. I have never touched the stuff, yet the top part of my face, from the eyes up, does. not. move. I thought I was being dynamic and expressive! Which leads me to...

3) Exaggerate everything. This will come as a surprise to DadJokes who tells me on a daily basis I have a problem with exaggeration. Not physically it seems.

So, learn my supermodel (!) contouring techniques, here! or go to

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Katie's Frida-er,Tuesday WEDDING Tutorial!

She's going up in the world!

Our Katie, who regularly coiffes the locks of many a LOOK staffer of a Friday, was today cornered in the beauty cupboard by Features Ed, Jenny, who is getting married this Friday (so she couldn't see Katie then).

One quick makeup tutorial later and Jenny is happy with doing her own wedding makeup! She even learnt enough to write a little step by step masterpiece, and left us with this glowing review...

'I tried Bobbi Brown, I tried Benefit, Bare Minerals were good at doing my base, but no one was as good as KATIE.'

Someone should give this girl a QVC deal. And a dry cleaning voucher.

Brown is Black! I mean back! the new Black!

...but would you put black on your lips? no. Brown? no. Not in theory, but in the name of research I tried the new Revlon launch, turned to Katie expecting a laugh, she tried to give one but it turned into; 'actually, that's quite nice!'

Those Revlon people know how to get inside our minds and make us adopt a new trend before we even know we like it.

I teamed it with new Sue Devitt Golden Triangle lip, cheek and eye gloss on my lids, and ventured off to Broadway Market, where all the cool kids size you up. I mean hang out.

One non-repulsed boyfriend, and a snigger-free evening outside The Dove later, and I have just added to my lipstick wardrobe.

The sophisticated choice; Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mink. £7.29, available September 2010

To Do!!!

What is going on in the magazine world? Is it just me? I have never been so busy.
My to do list (sourced from the internet by Katie), may be stylish - in our humble opinion - but it is also stuffed!

I haven't had lunch for about a week and a half (by lunch I mean a two minute dash to Leon that is left to get cold due to emergency meeting, does not count) and I haven't seen DadJokes for more than five minutes even in my evenings.

Should have warned him that this job is more 9 till 9 than 9 to 5.

Rant over, got to get back to my list

Monday, 19 July 2010

All White Now

Was horrified to find myself having diva thoughts of Mariah-esque proportions last night whilst in the bath.

I was looking at my bath bridge (old school, Ikea, amazing) and thinking its too full of conflicting products. And how my bathroom would look much nicer if all the products were white. 'Cos then they'd set of the ltd edition Selfridges - yellow- Diptyque candle nicely, and generally a bath would be a more aesthetically pleasing and therefore calming experience.

Mental? Possible, but practical? definitely not. Still, am going to pursue my mission of an all-white-cast of beauty products to please my face, body and, more importantly, eye.

Any suggestions very welcome...

(p.s. will also find hints of green, beige or grey acceptable)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

'Why didn't I pluck my eyebrows?'

Still on that BNTM panel campaign trail...

This week I'm doing a 1940's look; eyeliner and red lipstick. Can I say at this point that my eyesight isn't 20:20, I had a mirror about a metre away from my face and I was NOT allowed to lean forward for the perfect liquid eyeliner bit.

Pretty impressive stuff hey Living TV producers? Pretty impressive...

Check out my LOOK tutorial on

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Worlds Best Pedicure? (one month and counting...)

I am not a foot person, I don't like mine (it is with mammoth cringing effort that I share this shot with you), I don't love other peoples', but I cannot let this bit of toe news go.

On June 22nd it was DadJokes' birthday. As a treat (although he is NOT a metrosexual, apparently, for the record), I sorted him a sports massage at Bliss Spa in Kensington. He came out saying it was the best sports massage he ever had, and he is a SM connoisseur.
To fill the time I was also treated to a Hot Milk and Almond pedicure. Which was lovely, but the magic is the bit I haven't uncovered yet. I picked a lilac Essie shade (Lilacism), and enjoyed it for a week. Then another week, then another one! It is completely chip free and still super shiny, I am flummoxed, as is everyone else who gazes at my toes with amazement on every new day I wear open toe heels to the office (the one downside; all that extra foot attention!)

Bliss people, please share the secret, Its been nearly a month! Best Pedi I ever had!

My feet are gaining confidence daily...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Legs get Physical, Physical...

Leg Challenge Day 1

'Of COURSE we'd like the easy challenge of leg toning a minute a day for a month, thanks! Sure send the Legmaster over! Easy!'

Katie, Myself, art editor Kirsty and fashion news ed Lucy all clambered aboard the challenge, quite literally, some in heels (me), some more sensibly not, for a minute a day for a month, with the promise that 'You too can have a slimmer figure, toned body and great looking legs.'

We certainly can have the public shame, (it doesn't fit in the beauty cupboard so is currently outside the printing department - there are men there), wobbly after effects and slight sweats.

No gentle build up for us - no! We went straight in with all. three. weights. at. once. Katie has noticed the pain already, one day in. But she is also known as Bambi, so I'm not sure that's a good measure. We're expecting Gisele thighs in no time. Well, a month to be exact. Watch this space!

p.s. Lucy dropped out already. Oh Lucy, Lucy , Lucy...

Leg Challenge Day 2

p.s. JUST read the press release. er, the hardest level is NO weights. OK, so we'll build up gently...

Donkey Watch - UPDATE!!

So, unusually my most popular blog post by word of mouth was Donkey Watch. You'd think PR's would be interested in candle launches or what lipsticks I'm particularly loving. But no, not the ones who read my blog. I had numerous phone calls and emails proffering their love for Mr Snorticus and his video escapade (there was only the one).

So, for those who have been logging on with bated breath for the next installment, here it is!

Mr Snorticus as Extra in Beauty Shoot!

Sadly he didn't make it to print, but for his 15 minutes of fashion fame, look no further...

Monday, 12 July 2010

Diptyque Goes Alfresco

If you've got a thing about candles (I have, I have!), then this news will make you almost fall off your chair.

Diptyque, the ONLY candle worth falling off your chair about is launching an outdoor version! In a cermaic pot! What is not to love? Except if you don't have a garden. Er, like me. But I still want one sooo bad, so really, What's not to love? 

I will store it until I earn enough to one day get a garden. And then no one else will have them because they'll have burnt them, so it'll be like when you get a coat in the sale, but wait till the year after to wear it, and then you can say 'oh its vintage', when anyone compliments you on it.

But I digress. 

Figuier Scented Candle, "Indoor and Outdoor" Edition, £170

Thursday, 8 July 2010

utter rubbish

I dream of a time when dustbins in the office are not banned...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sophie Smokes

Having prepped, preened and practiced, the Look Beauty Tutorials are live. 

I could only cringe through my fingers when wed editor Kate showed me the finished product, I vowed a strict detox diet and enunciation lessons. But then they un-stretched the video, so it's just the enunciation left. Thank god.

Lesson One: Sophie does Smoky Eyes, still to come is contouring, perfect base and a 1940's face. Cringe factor aside, I wonder when I can start guest panelling on Britain's Next Top Model - ahh, dreams.

i love my FLATOUT Bear

Last night DadJokes presented me with a commiseration present for something I needed to be commiserated about. 

I don't know how he knew I would need a Flatout Bear in my life, having never expressed an interest in teddy's, (not the toy variety anyway), sheepskin, or flat things, but he was RIGHT.

Apparently Madonna had one on her bed on a TV programme, 100% australian sheepskin, so he thought the comfort factor was worth the shipping from Australia. He was RIGHT.

To touch it is to love it, trust me. It has been passed around the desk this morning to audible gasps and "I want one's" from everyone, average age 25.

I'm not sure what the beauty connection is, but the happy connection is worth a blog no? Thankyou DadJokes, xxx

LEARN MORE HERE or try Victoria Health for UK stockist, from £25

p.s. Dear Mr Flatout,
My desk of 6 fashion obsessives are obsessed. If you have any spares knocking about, I can think of some good homes.
Fashion News & Beauty

Fashion News Assistant Gemma in love

Friday, 2 July 2010

Fancy a Flutter?

Erm, that may not even be possible with these ridiculously amazing lash adorners. I can't even call them lashes, they are like armour. Very ridiculously amazing, fashion, futuristic eyelash armour that will protect your eyes from normal vision and sartorial disgrace. Or dullness at least.

You will see me rock these one day, but for now they are going in at pride of place in my collection. swooon.

Shu Uemura Premium Edition Neo-Reflector lashes, £50, as part of the Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 collection. and

Fa-shoe-n News

As much as I love lipstick, it seems Lucy (fashion news ed) and Gemma's (fashion news assistant) love is reserved for lilac espadrilles. On the same day.

I sniff a press gift!

If you want to get in on the action (these girls know what to put on their feet before most others) click for Office's Aqua Flat Espadrille in Lilac Canvas.