Friday, 30 April 2010

Thank you Shu


Lash Heavy

I know I love lipstick and everything, but for today, ilovelashes is more apt. Maybe there's a sister blog in there somewhere...

W7 England eyelashes. OMG. The collection has officially recommenced.

(£4.95, stockist 01753 639137)

A L'Oreal contract would be lovely, thanks


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Eyelash Heartbreak

It's a little known fact; I collect eyelashes. It used to be spoons, stamps and bouncy balls (the first two can be attributed to a pushy granddad, the third I have no excuse), so it seems I have a collective personality.

For three years I've been so excited by the lash launches, I've added them to the bag under my desk. I sometimes take them out and look at them, but seriously, I just really love lashes.

Imagine my horror then to find the bag GONE from beneath my desk on my recent tidy. Who would steal a bag of lashes? Except me?

A tiny bit of compensation came today in the form of an invite to the new She Uemura 2010 lash bar launch, Neo-Tokyo Odyssey. I will of course be there with bells on. A good place to start again I guess...

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Desk Tidy

No one send me anything or put anything on my desk today please. No press releases, no proofs, no products, no invoices.

This took me two hours. On a weekly magazine that is no joking matter...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Alex Monroe for Charity

So jewellery. Not technically beauty based, but having formed a mutual appreciation after a few shoots like this one (all rings by Alex Monroe), I'm a bit obsessed by him (and him, me I like to think).


This is joyous news then: Alex has designed this entirely covetable 18ct gold necklace for Fight for Sight (a charity which researches into the prevention of blindness).

So, now I'm in love with an accessory, but I have to wait till 1st May when I can bid on it at auction. Yes I'm sure you like it too, but you'll be bidding against me and I don't give up easy...

For more info and donations check it out here

The Shoot that never was...

Commissioned for a Main Board re-launch exhibition, talk of a portfolio book, someone got a new job, never got printed. you know the score...


Friday, 23 April 2010

Veronica Lake studio shoot

OK, so its really Hannah Shaw at IMG, but look how good she looks old Hollywood. This will never get printed black and white so don't want to waste it.

Photography Jonny Storey
Hair by Lisa Laudat
Makeup by Kolbrun Ran

A day in the life

Typical day on a shoot;
Me styling,
Kolbrun makeuping,
Lisa hairstyling
Jon set building.

Jonny the photogrpaher. er...

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wa-wa-what did you say?

This website should be on everyone's bookmark bar gets Tom Ford Exclusive

A lipstick launch so hotly anticipated that are opening their 'doors' early this saturday so customers can get their hands on it before the rest of the world. 

The gold ivory heavy case, the TF logo embossed in the bullet, the creamy luminous shades - this is possibly the sexiest lipstick I've ever come across. (You can see a pun in there if you really want). But then it's the least I'd expect from the hottest 48 year old in the history of fashion design and the world. *sigh*

At least I can get Tom Ford on my lips - and before the rest of London too! OK, get me to a computer...

The Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour £35 will be available first on on the morning of April 24th and then in-store later that day

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lucy Learns: the fishtail plait

Walked round the office a bit to;
'nice plait'
'nice fishtail'
'do that yourself?'
'nice plait, did you do it?'
'ooh fishtail.'

So I'm thinking there's something in it. Fashion news ed Lucy demanded I show her, Jess got her Flip Video out - so I'm sharing.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Elton and Sophie, sittin in a tree...

I don't love him like that, but my true love for Elton John does run deep and long. 

Imagine my delight (understatement) when Jo Malone sent over a limited edition White Tie & Tiara fragrance, with a bespoke initial lid.  Elton John musky perfume gift. They know what works on me those people...

Jo Malone White Tie & Tiara 2010, £75
every purchase supports Jo Malone's donation to the Elton John aids Foundation

clip in fringe:

Yey or ney? Hmm, a tricky one...

blog envy envy

My assistant Jess is jealous of Katie being jealous of my blog so I must endeavour to treat them both equally. Does she not realise this means make a feature of her here? She seems up for it. I can't quite tell from her expression...

But we used her as a guinea pig for new Batiste Shimmer. Its comes in 'alluring silver'. To add a hint of 'alluring' silver to not so fresh hair. I'm not convinced, but Jess seems to like it. Or does she? I can't tell from her expression.

jess: 'Do I look grey now?'
sophie: 'yes'
katie: 'no'

You decide

watch this space

Just had delicious breakfast with the girls at Mac today who assure me that they will soon be launching a lipliner, a bit like Morange but even brighter, that is so good and right up my street, that I will "have a sh*t fit".

The ladies know I love lipstick.

Monday, 19 April 2010

lipstick love

While we're on the subject of lipstick (always), I literally live in fear of the day someone at Dior decides to stop making Rouge Dior in Red Premiere. The perfect blue-red for pale faces. Never in my life have I had so many compliments as every time I wear it. 

Which is a lot.

Gaga Watch

I have been a bit busy to devote my time to Beauty Cupboard Gaga of late. I am still ridiculously busy today but my agent Sarah bought me a glass of wine at lunch time so hey-ho.

Doggy Style

New face of Nars Pro-Prime line (available May 1st), Marcel the Dog is, ahem, an expert on skincare apparently. A DOG in a BEAUTY campaign. Francois Nars is a man after my own heart...

So Marcel, what's your take on Gutteridge's Free Radical Theory? Don't know? Who cares, you're sooo cuuute.

found! The honestly-suits-everyone-lipstick

Ok, well everyone on my desk, but that's six people and two of them are ardent anti-lipstick (but not any more you see).

Katie is blonde and thinks she can't wear pink lipstick with a tan, but she likes this one in winter so now is agonising over what to do in summer (we worry about these kinds of things). So she got me to try it. Looks good.
then she tried it - it does work with a tan.
So fashion news ed Lucy tried it - she thinks she can't wear any lipstick as it makes her lips look thin. Looks GOOD.
Then fashion assistant Gemma, her assistant Sarah, then my assistant Jess - all look good. Therefore everyone should buy Mac lipstick in Impassioned, £11

p.s. Desk introduction's done - it's the best one in the building.

my favourite shoot ever... from French Vogue. 

There are no words.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Topshop Makeup Drop

THE most exciting news of 2010 so far (aside from the O*tnet £1 sale - but we won't talk about that...): Topshop makeup. I went to the press preview and met Lizzie Dawson who created the line - she's their blouse designer - love that they went for a non-makeup artist to do a proper 'for the people' collection. It's as close to the makeup of your personal dreams as you can get.

I liked her to the point of an almost girl crush - especially after she said she was drawn to my lipstick (mac Lipliner in Trimmed in Pink) and might even use it for inspiration in the next line...ooh la LA. 

In store end of May -

blog envy

Pooor Katie of Gaga fame is upset because I'm not giving her the attention I used to, now that I am officially more busy. 

She wants to boycott my blog, but then she won't see my posts about her. 

This is what she's like now. 

one take

Although I wasn't quite able to negotiate a modelling or usage fee, I still agreed to be filmed for look online giving makeup tutorials (!) with makeup artist Athena. This involved travelling to the studio, and being filmed with no makeup on, laughing through four episodes of her telling me what to do and me doing my face on film. Surely I'll be recognised on the tube now?

I can't believe I'm saying this without vetoing them first, but: they'll be live in a week or two on the beauty channel on the site (we're no. 1 result in the Google search for 'fashion' at the moment, don't you know...)

love is...

Although he is adamant that he is not a metrosexual, my boyfriend (he'd like a pseudonym - I choose DadJokes) has spent the last few weeks asking me to arrange a facial for his nose. I arranged for mutual Biore pore strips and we spent last night partaking.

DEFINITELY not metrosexual, no no no...

Thursday, 15 April 2010

umbrella love

Did Herbal Essences know about my Swarovski pedi being wasted in this 'spring' weather? Is that why they made me want more rain by sending over this consolation amaaazing heart umbrella? Love.

too much lipstick can send you gaga

In preparation for my amazing shoot with Danilo (he did Lady Gaga's hair for the Telephone video - thanks for the hook up Pantene), and after one or two too many caramel latte's, we practiced on Katie in the beauty cupboard. Although it appears we aren't busy - this is actually much needed comedic relief (and essential shoot prep - did I mention that?)

As well as being an excellent beauty writer, she is an outstanding dead ringer. PA enquiries should be directed to www.i'

twinkle toes

9am this morning had me sat in the middle of a crowded room, having my toes twinkified as one of a select few asked to sample the new Swarovski Pedicure at Nails Inc. This requires one nail technician on each foot, painstakingly applying around 500 Swarovski crystals, one by one, to each toenail. It costs £110 , lasts for three weeks and, even for someone who isn't a huge fan of bling, is pretty damn amazing.
The office has put me on 'trotter watch' to test the wear and tear on a daily basis. Now, if only the sun would make an appearance so I can get out of my Converse...

Exclusive to Nails Inc. South Molton Street and Harvey Nichols from 19th April

hello, beauty?

To save potential confusion or offence to new employers, 'hello, beauty?' is the same way I've answered my phone for the last six years on the job. That way whenever I move to a new beauty desk on a new magazine I have one less new thing to remember. Plus it often incites a nice response from the other end.

me: 'hello, beauty?'
them: 'hello beautiful.'

You get the gist...