Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Sales The Sales

Some things never change, boxing day would normally see me en famille bedgraggedly trudging to the local pub (20 minute walk kind of local) to stand, shiver and watch Claygate's morris dancers show us their years efforts. Weird but really sweet, with some kind of bitter (dad and his fellow dad friends), hot chocolate ('the kids' - thats us 30+ year olds) and mulled wine (the rest).

This year however we're dodging the cold, and the alcohol and having cosy post christmas in front of the fire. Dad was delighted this morning to see me 'working'. 'Oh Soph's, you've got your laptop, are you working on something? doing your blog?'. er...

After perusing all the most important sales online - net-a-porter, asos, my-wardrobe, matches fashion, the Outnet, I have successfully managed to narrow my EXTREME urge down to one lovely ring. Behold:

It's an ilovelipstick box-ticking ring: YSL, gold, heart shaped, HUGE, swooon.

Then I didn't actually get it! This is very unlike me. This time last year I had a new pair of Camilla Skovgaard boots on their way plus a Markus Lupfer jumper. It's the £10 postage on just a little (lovely) ring, it's just not christmas spirit-y. Some things do change then...

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Advent day 22 - The BIG chop

So, it's not 100% by choice - I've just started chemotherapy, hence the gradual shortening, (and sporadic blogging come to that - I did say daily advent updates health permitting!) - but I've gone the Watson/Mulligan route

My friend the amazing Kenna of Kennaland fame over came to do the 'do. Weird but kind of lovely? Weird...lovely? My mum LOVES it.

Thank you Kenna, anyone going through such a thing should look him up, he absolutely made a potentially hard day really definitely lovely.

Don't worry, I'm still big on the blog and back to work in the new year. First commentors of course will still be gifted, but apologies - a little later than planned,

See you tomorrow (health and interesting news permitting!) x

Visit and

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Advent Day 21 - Wig Chic

Never has androgyny looked so good as on Gisele Bundchen in the latest Balenciaga Spring 2011 campaign. A seemingly impossibly task but Steven can make it happen.

And it's all in the wig. Maybe I should get me one of those...

Photos: Steven Meisel/Balenciaga

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Advent Day 18 - Candle Love

Fashion News Ed Lucy came over today and admired my candle collection. (That wasn't the reason for her visit, but was part of the result).

Christmas it is not until there is something lovely burning in the front room - recently added to my collection is this Mizensir hand crafted candle, sent as an Xmas gift from Jenna at Frontrow PR. Hand made in Geneva, it sort of smells like Spring, but smells amaazing and works perfectly in the Christmas line up with my favourite Diptyque festive edition - Deep Red Orange Spiced, my Rituals...Under a Fig Tree, and the Nuxe Spa mini candle.

All in all my living room looks, feels and smells like Christmas Eve. And perfectly hides any kitten indiscrepancies too, aaahhh...

Friday, 17 December 2010

Advent Day 17 - Soap Stars

These may have launched early November, but never have I or the rest of the UK's shopping population been so excited about soap. In fact, Selfridges have noticed a 30% rise in general soap sales since the Chanel No. 5 trio box set went on shelf, and even I've done a feature or two on the humble cleansing bar. There's still a (very) little time before Christmas...

p.s. Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin and Clarins Gentle Beauty Soaps are contenders too.

In my own bathroom, because I can't bring myself to get the No. 5's wet, is Crabtree & Evelyn's Vetiver bar - smells aMAzing.

Advent Day 15 & 16

I'm on forced blog rest, due to operation and short term hospitalisation.

Back now though! Sorry for the down time, as usual have a couple of kitten bonus/apology pics (I quite like the opportunity to post these...)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Advent Day 14 - The Chop

Never been this short in my life, well maybe age 4 when my hair was achieving its maximum length so far. Weird...

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Advent Day 13 - Happy Miu Year

I love Chanel for their costume jewellery, YSL for their shoes, Stella for her knitwear (alas I don't own any), Chloe for their anything and Miu Miu for their campaigns (...ok, and handbags).

The simple studio shoot for the new Bond Street store, featuring 16 year old Lindsay Wixom doesn't disappoint, I LOVE the matchy matchy bright eye shadow to bags/clothes, I adore the yellow neck bow (want, want, need, need -suspect would never wear, wear though), and the purple dress is, well, too depressing, price considered. Covering a whole 4 ad pages in January British Vogue, I almost love it more than the main fashion shoot. The one let down? Where is Lindsay's chin dimple? That's like booking Lara Stone for Prada Eyewear and airbrushing on veneers...

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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Advent Day 12 - Paul Mitchell Does Pets

It's lucky hair salon supremo John Paul, co-founder of Paul Mitchell, chose a foray into pet products, because I'd be stuck with an impure white cat otherwise. I apologise for the kitten heavy posts, but a week at home has made them an integral part of my beauty world.

So, we're visiting the 'grandparents' who have an open fire. I've already told you of Elwood's predilection for naked flames, he also loves to roll in coal.

Thank goodness for a delivery of John Paul full body and paw wipes and waterless foam shampoo, I don't think we would have survived an actual bath, so I can highly recommend. White cat almost white again, owners skin scratch free...

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Advent Day 10 & 11 - ok, there are going to be some collaborative ones...

Call me premature but my resolutions are starting early this year; I have finally jumped onto the organic beauty bandwagon.

Yes I've had dalliances with Liz Earle and loved it, but sporadic natural's not enough for the (nearly) 2011 me, so a few phone calls later and I'm drowning in Dr Hauschka and Organic Pharmacy.

So far so good, now if only I could get to grips with the diet bit too... ( don't worry, I'm not going down the evangelical hippy path - I love my vertiginous YSL pencil heels too much, no hemp slippers for me...)

P.s since I missed a day again, here is bonus pic: Elwood applies for Vidal Sassoon Training A-cat-demy (sorry sorry)

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Advent Day 9 - Ode to Poppy Gee

My 2 year old niece Poppy discovered the rotate camera function on my iphone recently with funny results. Adventable I thought... Lots of love, your Auntie Betsey xxx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent Day 7 AND 8 (sorry)

Ok, well I did break my promise, but I promise, there was good reason...

Back to a double dose then of advent beauty excitement, with sincere apologies. Having been a huge fan of man attracting Escentric Molecule 01 (it is 'more of an effect, than a smell - almost pheremonic' apparently) I'm not sure about the effect on the boys, but it definitely works on all girls. One for the lesbians then. I had countless 'mmmmm, what are you wearing?'s' from my own sex, over one 'oh my god what is that smell? It smells like my old church, eurgh' from the other. yet still I love it.
So I was obviously excited to get the 3rd installment on my desk last week. All my favourites in one bottle - vetiver, ginger (ale) and green peppercorn (sauce). The ()'s are my favourite versions, not the actual ingredients. That would be escentric...

Advent Day 6 - Elwood Update

A chip off the old beauty editor bathroom obsessed block...

Advent Day 5 - Y(ou) S(hould) L(ove)

Clutch: YSL. Contents: YSL eye must haves, Polish; Nails Inc Cadogen Square.

In the words of Wagner, I loowve...