Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Phenomenon of the Missing Comments

I know you're reading them you see, there are stat counters for such spy type purposes. I get Facebook comments on them, so why everyday is there an ugly '0' preceding the 'comments' word on my blog posts? Is it something I've done. Not done?

I realise this post could go one of two ways, it'll either set a record for number of comments (I vote this way) or it'll dissuade commenters from commenting where they may have had a slight inclination to before...

If not for me, do it for Meaty GaGa, that stuff didn't do wonders for her skin you know, although the mosses loved it. And I know she has some serious fans out there...Mosquitos not included.

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  1. I likewise vote for more comments, but I fear people, as I do now, will feel this makes them stalkerish and sad.
    Perhaps it does but it is better than no posts! X

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