Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Lesson in Model Direction

Aside from the styling aspect of my role, I also art direct. This is the best way explain to people like my dad who don't understand (or more accurately- can in no way fathom) what I do for a living. An art director of a photoshoot is a bit like the actual director on a movie set.

Part of this job involves directing the model, something I have honed into a fine art over the years.

This trip has included such direction as
"laugh with your mind"
"smile at the sky"
"you're at a party and it's the end of the night and you've just vomited in the bush"
"now laugh with your face"

Today though, the whole team were recruited to help our model, Sylvia, with some spontaneous dancing poses. Amusing results were to be expected...

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