Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Weekend Buffer pt 2: yoomoo Monday

Monday morning was notable for two things - a) it was the start of another working week in the run up to Xmas issues, which means extreme journalism and coping mechanisms should be put in place.

b) it was absolutely brutally freezing.

Therefore it made perfect sense to have a giant belgian chocolate frozen yogurt with Oreo cookies and edible gold flakes for breakfast. For breakfast. Forget the fact that there were various breakfast-y frozen yogurt options at yoomoo in Harrods, if there is chocolate on the menu, I am going to order it. Even if it is 10.00 in the morning.

According to Deborah at Pure PR who took me there for breakfast there is a law of thermodynamics that says if I eat cold frozen yogurt my body will feel warmer. I say that's cr*p but it doesn't matter that I was cold because it was DELICIOUS. Big enough for eight people to share (cost effective) I was defeated, but have been dreaming of magnificentmoo since.

I showed Katie this shot of how much I managed to eat. She said 'oh no, you should have brought it back as a takeaway'. Er, frozen yogurt Katie...

This one is 4th Floor Harrods, right next to Kurt Geiger weirdly enough, but they're also nationwide (Bluewater of note) and spreading...

p.s. I don't like Pink Berry in LA, so a Frozen Yogurt bar that seems blog-worthy for me, must be definitely blog-worthy.

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