Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pour Homme

During a lovely breakfast with Richard at Ketchum I may have dropped in my boyfriends love of one of his brands. I've coached DadJokes in the ways of Givenchy, Boss, Kiehl's, but he resolutely stays loyal to his own, pre-me discovery - Olay Complete Care - and so he should.

He was then graced with a delivery to his office (isn't he lucky to have such a girlfriend with such connections) and, well, delighted in them when he got home.

This from a man who looked at me a few evenings ago and said, 'You look really pretty tonight. Are you wearing that mask thing from your blog?'
Me: 'Lingerie Foundation I think you mean, yes I am.'
Hi: 'Oh. You're not gonna turn into one of those Only Way Is Essex girls are you?'

Give me strength...

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