Monday, 15 November 2010

Weekend Buffer pt 1: Tequila Friday

It was a hard week last week, as photographically summarised by Katie above. Luckily I have certain methods in place both for alleviating stress -in this case, and preventing it (look out for part 2: Y00MooMonday).

17.00 on a Friday tequila cocktails in the office for my team you say? Well that makes perfect sense. Our entire desk eagerly awaited the arrival of Sauza Tequila girls (not the kind you get in Mahiki etc. with a harness belt and a lot of hair extensions. No, these were PR girls who do Collection 2000 also - hence the tenuous beauty connection), who mixed us winter berry Margarita's and then something gingery with Courvoisier. Email me for recipes, or go to for more info.

There followed an interesting walk over Blackfriars Bridge to the station. Thank goodness for safety barriers in place for gusty weather...

for the facts:

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