Friday, 12 November 2010

Perry Purrfume launch

10am, mingling outside Circus in Covent Garden, waiting for entry to the launch of Katy Perry's perfume Purr. 10.30am, mingling outside Circus in Covent Garden, still waiting.

11.15am still waiting, this time inside, for Katy Perry to come and launch her looong awaited perfume.

11.30 or thereabouts, she arrives and all is forgiven as she is lovely and pretty and actually quite funny. Particularly with such gems as "Russell does like my perfume. He realises there will be a lot of jokes made about it."

I should explain, it's cat shaped. Make of that what you will in relation to the new Mr Perry.

Smells fun and cute and sprightly - all three things she wanted for her debut scent. Basically its Katy Perry in bottle form. Get it from now in Selfridges, rolling out nationwide next month.

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