Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tell Your Friends...about Warming Peat Ritual

So this is the unusual treatment I was, I'll admit, weirdly nervous about. Let me confess - I don't actually like spa treatments very much. It's partly a control thing - I'm stuck at the mercy of someone else for an hour or so. Partly also the guilt thing. I just can't relax thinking of someone working hard to relax me. I try and try but I just can't stop worrying about how much their hands must hurt by now. I can't fathom how people can actually fall asleep mid massage. For one you miss all the relaxing action, and for another, you are sleeping, virtually naked, in front of a stranger.

So, this Warming Peat Ritual exclusive to the Espa in the Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt Hotel was a new experience for me. NINETY minutes of exfoliating, peat smearing, wrapping and massaging had me in a bit of a state of dread. (ungrateful, I know...)

In reality:

exfoliating: How I would imagine a baby cat feels being licked by its mother. Weird, but true.

Peat: It's basically 9000 year old Og Ireland Peat, (doesn't stink) only obviously found in Ireland, warmed and smoothed on all over. Its got a lot of minerals and skin benefits that made my skin feel amazing afterwards. Looked odd though. Like a monkey?

Wrap: NOT the clingfilm horror I've been avoiding all these years. Just nice warm towels. The oriental head massage that went on simultaneously was plenty to knock out any claustrophobia inclination anyway, and Patrice, my therapist told me to tell him if I was uncomfortable 'being like a mummy'. The wrapped kind, not the cat licking kind.

Massage: Oh my goodness. So amazing. the best massage I ever had by far. I managed to not feel guilty, I managed to completely relax, I did spend the last ten minutes getting a bit sad that it was going to finish soon though. And no, no sleeping. But I reckon I just need to practice. So, another one next week? It would DEFINITELY be worth the trip to Ireland...

The Espa Warming Peat Ritual at the Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt Hotel, euro 175. Click here for more info

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