Friday, 5 November 2010

Beauty Editor Syndrome

I may have touched upon this topic before, but it never ceases to amaze me how unpredictable my skin has become since doing this job. I am (nearly) 31 years old, shouldn't I be resplendent in my non-hormonal skin by now? Isn't that at least a benefit of getting older? There must be ONE.

Here is my problem. I get a lot of products sent to me, and the LOOK way is, if you don't know its good how can you say it's good? A good point, but it means I have no skincare routine. I have even been to the doctor for this, to no avail. Apparently this happens sometimes when people turn 26. That seems a bit tenuous to me, so I rejected my medical prescription and set about making up my own.

Here are my findings:

Clarisonic is like Florence Nightingale in electric form. An electric toothbrush in theory, but supersized for your face. It claims to make any facewash work harder, but whatever it does, it does brilliantly. Freaks Dadjokes out a bit at bed/bathroom time, but who cares? AND it comes in Pucci form.

ph Advantage acne regime is hard core but effective. I wouldn't say use this always, but if you're stuck in a wobbly skin cycle, use it for a few weeks and then start back on the normal stuff. Having tried most things going, this is good enough to make me anxious if there isn't a back up supply in my back up cupboard.

Fresh Soy Face Cream is the key. I am always sceptical when it comes to brand ambassadors, founders or creators say 'oh you have sensitive skin? you MUST try this, it will definitely make your skin AMAZING.' So, feeling 'yeah, yeah, whatever you say' about it, I left the Soy range in my back-up cupboard until I ran out of whatever I was using before. its got vitamins A, C and E, soy proteins for protection, rose water for restoring, meadowfoam for nourishing...but lets be honest, if it has manure and tea bag in it I will be happy if my skin gets fixed.
Now, if I run out of Soy Moisturiser (which happens frequently because the tube is tiny! Mr Fresh - address the problem please), my skin starts to freak out. It takes two days. This means Soy Moisturiser is my antibiotic in skincare form.

I have run out btw, hence no picture today.


  1. Sophie, you always look amazing and I thought you were nearer my age (25!) so don't fret too much ;-)

  2. The Clarisonic !

    I just wondered why i had exfoliated gums the morning I thought it was a posh electric toothbrush.

    ps. Lara, you should see her in the morning ! ;-)