Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today I'm Wearing...Lanvin Lipstick

In honour of the Lanvin for H&M fashion drop today (everything sold out so don't even look - it's too heartbreaking) I am wearing one of the 2 lipstick shades, just because it is the perfect anti-hangover colour. Do you get that? Bright lipstick is the makeup equivalent of Prozac. just me? anyway...

Yes I know it is only Tuesday but it was my birthday yesterday so Monday night wine was OK.

p.s. I did get the pea pod Alex Monroe necklace - from my lovely mum and dad. Hint taken! well done...

Lanvin for H&M lipstick in Hot Pink, £7.99 (I think even this is sold out so this info is a bit redundant. Try Ebay but be prepared to add another '0' to everything...)


  1. Wow fab colour. I'm no 100 on your blog :) x

  2. Thanks Rollergirl! 31, eek! And Nicoletta, think the big 100 deserves a few beauty treats. Email or DM me your address and I'll send something over @i_love_lipstick