Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mallorca Day 1: Team Beresiner Recce Day

In terms of recce success, today wasn't the best I've ever had (after manoeuvring a giant Mercedes van through miniscule streets in search of some ancient steps for Kaite's shoot, we decided to shoot the story back on the steps back at the villa. Still, we did get to climb 365 steps to reach that decision. AND we got to climb back down

Along the way we graffitied some cacti, procured some second hand pink girls flip flops for Jose from a bin and got our ankles attacked by something like a miniature Doberman. Photographer Chad came off the worst in the girly terror embarrassment stakes. His ankles were fine.

Now we're cosy in our amazing villa preparing tapas for a spanish extravaganza evening and awaiting the arrival of our first model. With X Factor on the tv. When in Mallorca, as the English do?

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