Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mallorca Meltdown

Today just generally calls for a meltdown. I'll give you snippets.

In the space of a few days I have, or have had; LFW, The LOOK Show- second season, LFW coverage, Look Show coverage, Look Good Feel better Editors Day at Selfridges, Mallorca trip.

LFW involved delegating to Jess - I can't handle being actively hated and bundled out the way by whole teams of backstage hair/makeup for more than four seasons in a row. She seems to love it - weird.
Laena from The Like has her hair done at Katie & Guy Salon, Beckenham

The LOOK show involved running in heels from 9am til 19.30. Highlights were: Katie doing the hair of Laena from The Like (we didn't have enough stylists), Katie standing in for a model for the walk-through (we didn't have enough models), me having my turn as a pap and shooting Diana Vickers and... Calum Best!! Oh the dream! (we didn't have enough time or an omnipresent photographer). I was not half bad - here are two I took. (horn tooting? moi?)

'I'm only gonna let you shoot me once' - for full coverage go to LOOK online

The coverage of both involves me and my team pulling our hair out for two days while we manically try to meet deadlines. Throw in a very last minute a/w trip to Mallorca, leaving in two days, minus a day out of the office to meet readers at Selfridges, and I am just about ready to crawl under my desk and weep. No, sob.

In other news, Katie and I wore matching FitFlops to work today. We shall have to walk home separately...

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