Thursday, 16 September 2010

Lauren Conrad Love

Last night I watched a classic episode of Family Guy in which Lauren Conrad (who I openly admit, I love) went out with Brian, and turned out to be extraordinarily intelligent, but covers it up because America doesn't like clever people - they voted Bush in twice etc etc.

If this were true in the non-cartoon world, it may explain her new book 'Style' - The secret to looking fabulous and having fun with fashion!'

This is a gloriously funny tome, maybe not for the right reasons but since I openly love Lauren, I am allowed to laugh at some of the pearls of wisdom - all must be read aloud with wide open eyes and slight shake of the head and exclamation marks!

Example: SCARVES! (something of a speciality subject for Lauren): 'You can do a knot'.Or...wait for it...'a bow'!

Example: EARRINGS! with important points such as 'try them on first!'

And she even tackles beauty...

Apparently Lauren applies them with both eyes closed, one at a time with open tweezers.

Chuckles aside, this is overall a cute book. You should own it. Did I mention I am a fan of Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad, 'Style'. Published by HarperCollinsPublishers, £14.99

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