Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Man Talk

No, not the most interesting kind of man talk where we discuss boys, and their text messages. This being a beauty blog, the topic is the next best on the list: GROOMING!

I wouldn't normally get that excited about it, but I just had an appointment with the girls at Amazon, and was greatly tickled by the mens stuff (not literally).

Exhibit A
The Man Groomer
Katie picked it up, somewhat puzzled, the PR opened it up and kindly mimed a demonstration 'for the man in your life with a hairier back'. This is so ingenious I'm actually a little sad DadJokes is not so hirsute. Not even my dad can be happily gifted. Someone I went out with in 1999 however...

buy it here

Exhibit B
The Philips TurboVac Trimmer
This isn't so funny, but so clever nonetheless, (most men probably already know about it, but I'm an easily-excitable female, humour me). An electric shaver with. a. hoover. built. in! I need one of these! Well not me personally but our poor, frequently black-speckled white sink could certainly benefit.

buy it here

Exhibit C
Scottish Fine Soaps Classic Grooming Set
Again, not so funny but if you read this blog for practical reasons, then this is at least a lovely gift idea. Boys may like grey and science-y looking stuff, but girls like nice. This range, although for men, makes women want to by it for them. If that's not good grooming business sense I don't know what is.

buy it here

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  1. ooh I bought my boyf the Philips TurboVac Trimmer for his birthday (which is tomorrow) - I'll let you know the verdict!! Im loving the built in hoover, really hope it works!!