Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mallorca Day 2: Baby It's Cold Outside

Team Beresiner

'Aaaah, how cute there's a humming bird in your room' says Claire with delight, 'oh how cute he chose our room over everyone else's!' I said with delight. Not so delightful the next morning having discovered he is in fact some unidentified GIANT BUG that sounds like a helicopter, LIVES in our room and disappears without trace so we're afraid to go to bed tonight...

To distract ourselves we drove to Campanet to do a shoot. This morning at 9am it was roasting at the villa, so we were unprepared and underdressed for the subsequent and significant drop in degrees. It was nice to get so many cuddling opportunities though.

A little insight into editorial hair for you now; it's the hairstyle equivalent of an OK! magazine coverline.

Shoot done, it's Claire-Hair and Chad's turn at Mallorcan Come Dine With Me tonight (Katie and I took the lead last night with amazing tapas prowess), but in the meantime everyone is doing everyone else's makeup. Results to follow shortly...

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