Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Its Time To Talk About Beef

Name dropping is an ugly ugly habit, but if it's going to be done then there has never been a better reason than this.

I am friends with a famous cat.

Really good friends to the extent that I took his first official Vogue picture, look at the beautiful composition. AND I am officially considered his sort of godmother in cat terms. He bit my toe once.

And even to the extent that having risen to the dizzying heights of feline fame, he still has time to message me via his own Facebook page (look up Beefy Rothstein).

Yes, Beefy Rothstein, the (other weekly magazine that shall not be mentioned here) Resident Office Cat belongs to my lovely friend Claire who I hang out with A LOT.

Cool? me? YES
Follow Beefy Rothstein on twitter here or look for him yourself @Beefyrothstein

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