Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Worlds Best Pedicure? (one month and counting...)

I am not a foot person, I don't like mine (it is with mammoth cringing effort that I share this shot with you), I don't love other peoples', but I cannot let this bit of toe news go.

On June 22nd it was DadJokes' birthday. As a treat (although he is NOT a metrosexual, apparently, for the record), I sorted him a sports massage at Bliss Spa in Kensington. He came out saying it was the best sports massage he ever had, and he is a SM connoisseur.
To fill the time I was also treated to a Hot Milk and Almond pedicure. Which was lovely, but the magic is the bit I haven't uncovered yet. I picked a lilac Essie shade (Lilacism), and enjoyed it for a week. Then another week, then another one! It is completely chip free and still super shiny, I am flummoxed, as is everyone else who gazes at my toes with amazement on every new day I wear open toe heels to the office (the one downside; all that extra foot attention!)

Bliss people, please share the secret, Its been nearly a month! Best Pedi I ever had!

My feet are gaining confidence daily...


  1. Your toes look lovely! do your shoes!

  2. I was TOEtally amazed by the sports massage. It really was THAT good. Again, again, again.....