Friday, 23 July 2010

Lipstick Xmas Picks at Selfridges

Its been a while since I was excited about Christmas. Sad isn't it?
This year and I've already had a tingle, courtesy of the plethora of wowzers set to sell out inSelfridges. I was walking round their Christmas press day thinking of my personal wish list, rather than the magazine opportunities.

Case 1. Jean Charles de Castelbajac Bambi shoes
There are no words. Apart from CUTE. and AMAZING, and OOOOH. But would I wear them? who cares...

Case 2. Anya Hindmarch Chequers Clutch
Pretty AND practical, if you consider a quick classic board game on your handbag a necessity. And who wouldn't?

Case 3. Cire Trudon Stink Bombs, £29 for 10
Its not often I 'wishlist' a beauty product (terrible I know, but I can generally get them free). But I'm a massive sucker for something a bit different. These stink bombs are the next big thing in home fragrance, guerrilla style. Break the glass vial and enjoy the stink. Genius.

Next they'll be inventing smell-as-you-read fairy tales. Wait, what? launching in November? no way...

p.s. I always get a slight kick out of walking through London, post Christmas in July launch, with a bag like this. You can see the 'but it's JULY!' confusion on everyone's faces. It's an industry thing daaahling...

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