Tuesday, 6 July 2010

i love my FLATOUT Bear

Last night DadJokes presented me with a commiseration present for something I needed to be commiserated about. 

I don't know how he knew I would need a Flatout Bear in my life, having never expressed an interest in teddy's, (not the toy variety anyway), sheepskin, or flat things, but he was RIGHT.

Apparently Madonna had one on her bed on a TV programme, 100% australian sheepskin, so he thought the comfort factor was worth the shipping from Australia. He was RIGHT.

To touch it is to love it, trust me. It has been passed around the desk this morning to audible gasps and "I want one's" from everyone, average age 25.

I'm not sure what the beauty connection is, but the happy connection is worth a blog no? Thankyou DadJokes, xxx

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p.s. Dear Mr Flatout,
My desk of 6 fashion obsessives are obsessed. If you have any spares knocking about, I can think of some good homes.
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