Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Legs get Physical, Physical...

Leg Challenge Day 1

'Of COURSE we'd like the easy challenge of leg toning a minute a day for a month, thanks! Sure send the Legmaster over! Easy!'

Katie, Myself, art editor Kirsty and fashion news ed Lucy all clambered aboard the challenge, quite literally, some in heels (me), some more sensibly not, for a minute a day for a month, with the promise that 'You too can have a slimmer figure, toned body and great looking legs.'

We certainly can have the public shame, (it doesn't fit in the beauty cupboard so is currently outside the printing department - there are men there), wobbly after effects and slight sweats.

No gentle build up for us - no! We went straight in with all. three. weights. at. once. Katie has noticed the pain already, one day in. But she is also known as Bambi, so I'm not sure that's a good measure. We're expecting Gisele thighs in no time. Well, a month to be exact. Watch this space!

p.s. Lucy dropped out already. Oh Lucy, Lucy , Lucy...

Leg Challenge Day 2

p.s. JUST read the press release. er, the hardest level is NO weights. OK, so we'll build up gently...

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