Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Aaaand another one!

Part three of a four part saga - this week I'm contouring in a Kate Moss stylee. (I wish).

There are several points I have noted for my next batch of filming.

1) under NO circumstances should any camera be allowed to film me from below. Direct route to a double chin.

2) Unlearn how to look like you've had several bouts of botox. I have never touched the stuff, yet the top part of my face, from the eyes up, does. not. move. I thought I was being dynamic and expressive! Which leads me to...

3) Exaggerate everything. This will come as a surprise to DadJokes who tells me on a daily basis I have a problem with exaggeration. Not physically it seems.

So, learn my supermodel (!) contouring techniques, here! or go to

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