Thursday, 2 December 2010

advent Day 3 - Softly Softly

I can't do a Christmas without cashmere socks. its a problem I have. Knitwear I love. Cable knit I LOVE. Cashmere I LOVE SO MUCH if it was in human form I would be eligible for a restraining order.

My parents are very good. they buy me socks as a present (dad's don't have the monopoly on these for Christmas), but I always machine wash them accidentally or lose one to that strange one-sock black hole.

So there is a vacancy. This year I would like wide stripes. According to LOOK magazine they're all the rage. My hunt has brought me to Pantherella, made in England, super soft and yes! stripey. And beautifully modelled by Bryan Morel PR intern Naomi.

Maybe this advent is turning into a gift guide. No harm, I know my mum is reading...!


  1. My boyf insists on calling stripes 'hoops'. It drives me bananas.

  2. that is quite cute! but only works on socks, jumpers, etc. not a placemat for
    instance. tell him my logic, maybe it'll work. address please angel x