Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Advent day 22 - The BIG chop

So, it's not 100% by choice - I've just started chemotherapy, hence the gradual shortening, (and sporadic blogging come to that - I did say daily advent updates health permitting!) - but I've gone the Watson/Mulligan route

My friend the amazing Kenna of Kennaland fame over came to do the 'do. Weird but kind of lovely? Weird...lovely? My mum LOVES it.

Thank you Kenna, anyone going through such a thing should look him up, he absolutely made a potentially hard day really definitely lovely.

Don't worry, I'm still big on the blog and back to work in the new year. First commentors of course will still be gifted, but apologies - a little later than planned,

See you tomorrow (health and interesting news permitting!) x

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    Old Hollywood movie heroine chic. Good work Kenna.

    (I obvs don't expect free goodies for being first commentator - have a whole beauty cupboard behind me init)

    Love you Soph x

  2. Luce, go and pick something nice! X

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, I know it wasn't really a choice, but it really really suits you! My mum has just finished her chemotherapy, she's been fortunate enough not to lose her hair, it's thinned out though so she's nervous about having it cut, but she's most upset about the fact she can't dye it for another 2 and a half months, the grey roots are driving her mad!

    I hope everything goes well for you and that you have lots of supportive people around you - it sounds like you do. Mum found that giving herself lots of stuff to look forward to between sessions and when it was all over helped to keep her positive.

    Penny x

  4. I think you look beautiful!

  5. You are beautiful whatever your hair length, you look a like a movie star with it like this!
    I hope you have a nice NYE x

  6. I think you look fantastic and will always do so. Keep your chin up and sending positive vibes your way. x

  7. You look gorgeous Sophie, that Kenna did a top job. Big kiss XXXX