Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent Day 4 - The New Nail (the one I was !!!! about)

The almost-but-not-quite perfect shade from Nails Inc. I say almost because they already nailed (sorry) the no. 1, but only for a ltd edition promotion with Diet Coke. I still want them to make 'London' part of the main collection - are you listening Thea Green?!

'Porchester Square' is launching in January 2011. Put it in your (new) diary. You'll most likely get a hint at a good one of those too behind one door or another on ilovelipstick. I have mine already - not so much super organised as super spoilt. Thank you Clarins!


  1. Nail colour is fab!

    (can I be the first to comment twice? Or is that just greedy?)


  2. Damn i missed commenting first on this! Beresiner hook up a homie up! xx

  3. And yes i did set up a google account just so i can comment-that's love that right there. xx

  4. Sarah, you win bonus prize, Dorisisdead is very quick off the mark twice!

  5. Yay bonus prize sounds exciting! x