Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent Day 2 - To Smell It Is To Love It

Behind door no. 2 (but you have to wait till March 2011), a new look scent from diptyque. '34 Boulevard Saint Germain' is also the mythical address of the original diptyque birthplace. The oval ceramic candle is so potent I can smell it on the press release that came with it. The EDT is reet oop my street, with 40 raw materials combined, it basically smells spicy, woody, rich and masculine - my favourite kind.

Diptyque happens to be my biggest beauty love, weakness, and one of the only beauty things I'd happily spend my money on (you get indulgently used to the freebies in this job), so this is fall off my chair exciting

My first was a Rose candle, still my favourite, but at the moment I have the Xmas ltd edition Pine awaiting a burn. (kittens permitting. Elwood singed his eyebrows at his fourth attempt to sniff an open flame yesterday)...

sketches from travel notebook of Desmond Knox-Leet, one third of original diptyque founders


  1. I have never had a Diptyque candle and I feel mighty sorry for myself about it. xx

  2. well now you get a little something in the post! Well done 1st commenter...address please! xxx