Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wednesday Afternoon in the Beauty Cupboard...

So I walked in today to find a perfect lipstick for my turn on the red carpet later (National Movie Awards with L'Oreal - more on that later), to find Assistant Ed Claire, prone on a table having a new lash extension treatment applied.

Lash Flicks™ is a quicker, cheaper version of the original extension idea (that I've always steered clear of because I can't imagine lying still with my eyes closed for two + hours). This one is done in half the time, and costs only £30.

I keep peering in to watch the progress skeptically - where's the catch? - but no, I can officially report: They look amazing.

Now I'm suffering lash inferiority and I can't get to the lipstick box before I have to leave. Beauty sulk imminent.

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