Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Missing Makeup Bag

Yes I admit it, I lose things. DadJokes is even unsympathetic to the point of fatherly with his berating comments when such an occasion arises.

There's something interesting about realising what a beauty editor needs when said makuep bag goes missing, though. Even though I have a cupboard full of makeup at work, I still get VERY upset like the rest of you when I'm without my well collected favourites.

Which brings me to: My Makeup Replacements, Episide One: Miracle Blush

I miss my blusher. Duwop Illuminating Blush in Mango

Just the right shade of peachy coral for my milky skin (some say pasty, I stick with milky), just the right amount of shimmer to give radiance without being tacky, and the perfect shade for every occasion/photoshoot and even fashion show I have happened to need makeup for.

Here's me using it at said makeup shoot, my own pot, on all 24 models. It was being ground out with fingernails by the time I'd finished. 

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