Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday Afternoon Cocktails, Yes Please

"Your life is so much more glamorous than ours" Commissioning Ed Jo sighs as I walk past her desk with my Margarita just now. 

Well, yes, today I can't really argue with that can I? Thanks to the Eyelure girls coming in with the bar manager from Cocoon on Regents St to mix me a Margarita in my new Lolita Flirtini glass! Yum.

All this in aid of their HBO collaboration to develop a set of SATC lashes, one for each character. I'm a little dismayed to admit my favourites are not Carrie's, but in fact Miranda's. Oh well, one or two cocktails later and I'll be able to deal with my unfortunate affiliation. I liked her Nubar nail collection best too, damn it...

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