Thursday, 27 May 2010

I Love Lipstick at the National Movie Awards

Yeah, just going to Claridges to get my hair and makeup done (I missed out on hair superstyler Alain Pichon *swooon* - he had to go and 'do' Diane Kruger, but he winked at me later, so I got my fix), then yeah, just going for cocktails at Soho Hotel with Diane and her boyfriend, Pace-er I mean Joshua Jackson, you know. 

Then just walking the red carpet, got papped a couple of times, like you do, bumped into Mr Big three COUNT THEM times.

Just sat right at the front and watched Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Cruise, Kylie, etc. etc. come up and present awards a spit away from me. Then just got whisked to after party at Claridges and got glared at by Gwyneths bodyguards.

I'm sorry if this is ever so slightly gloating but wow, what an evening.

THANK YOU EMMA SCOTT AND L'OREAL!!! You do good awards and then some...

 thankyou Emma!

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  1. I must say you have one hell of a fantastic job!! A smidge of jealously coming from Australia.

    Ruby Jayne xx