Thursday, 6 May 2010

O2 too much

There are certain obvious perks to the job - I haven't bought mascara for at least 8 years now - but when L'Oreal call and invite me down to watch Cheryl support Black Eye Peas, that's when I thank my BA in philosophy that I chose beauty.

The box, amazing, the food and lots of wine, amaaazing, the singing, live (hats off Cheryl), and doing a DJ set in the middle of the concert, well... amazing.

PR Emma told me on my way out that Cheryl had been watching from the next door box the whole time, I can see why she told me after she'd gone, but good insight either way.

I'm slightly suffering on my shoot this morning - and no one told me there was a film crew here. Back to my miracle blusher...

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