Friday, 28 May 2010

MAC 'Watch This Space' Lipstick Update

Ruth at MAC was right - the new lip colour came in, I got more excited than if Thierry Henry was sat on my sofa (well ok, not me, my boyfriend, but he would be SO excited, and that's what I was).

To The Beach Lip Pencil in Temperature Rising, £10 has so far made more cameos than Terry Richardson's private parts.

Including to date:
*National Movie Awards Red Carpet (it matched my fluro Louboutins)
*Santorini Wrap Party (lasted through three courses, numerous glasses of local [i.e killer] wine and several rounds of Charades - how rock and roll)
*LOOK Festival Shoot (seen in action here).

Ruth, I'm worried about the Limited Edition status - it will be my equivalent of Robbie leaving Take That. I'm going to start stockpiling to avoid the sobbing...

1 comment:

  1. This shade is immense! The limited edition status also makes me want to panic buy - I feel like I want to sleep with it heaped under my pillow just so I know it's safe.