Thursday, 27 January 2011

A message from the kittens

Yes this is a more obscure blog post, but it couldn't go unposted. At great risk to my iPad screen's safety, I downloaded the Cat Toy app (anyone with cat and iPad, get this. It's the best party trick ever), so now my cats are able to use an iPad, their intelligence knows no bounds.

It shouldn't have been too surprising then when Columbo calmly turned on my blog app with his nose, watched by Elwood, pressed the 'new post button' got up the type pad and TYPED. Then walked off when he was done. Could this be the first meaningful kitten communication recorded? He's clearly sending me kisses and asking me to be quiet. My catchild is genius, you heard it here first...

KITTEN POST IN FULL, recorded 25/01/11:

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