Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Move Over Henry The Hoover...

I'm a frankly rubbish housewife, and with all my shoot experience I quickly realised the iron was obsolete and the humble steamer would be well worth the £100 I spent as soon as I moved in with dad jokes.

Wrong. My first foray into home steamer territory was the internet special from Supersteamer.co.uk Unfortunately I believed the hype on the super steamer website. This thing leaks on the floor, weeps at the sight of crinkly shirts, but yes, does just about tackle a pair of knickers. Who needs those ironed anyway? Maybe Anna Wintour, but she'd spend more than the price of a crappy steamer on the maid doing it I'm sure.

But I digress. I've been suckered in by the new fashion favourite on the block and i think I'm in love. Fridja Steamer, the fashion industry's new obsession has arrived. Cute, compact, professional photoshoot worthy, PINK! (called Coco, but you can have a Karl - black, Anna herself - white, etc etc) and best of all, £99. I'm pretty sure I need this in my life.

Is the under £100 price tag too good to be though? I fell in that trap last time. Anyone tried one/has one who can confirm the glorious reviews? I'm going to need the easy life for a bit and I'd so love to put my faith in Coco the Fridja. Http://www.fridja.com

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  1. Oh i need to know too. i'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they're good, but WHERE?