Monday, 17 January 2011

Today I'm PJ's. Again.

This post could have been called 'I miss work', but I'm following the positive trip, so its a 'today I'm wearing...'

Sadly chemotherapy has allayed my makeup preoccupation - only on a 'two week on, one week off' basis, but since this is my one week off, I have no real TIW to report. Don't be fooled though, these are no ordinary PJ's, they are in fact M&S cashmere ones (I didn't even mean to make that sound like the ad btw), courtesy of fashion director Hannah, I live in them. Also my sister's genius xmas present - cable knit (CABLE KNIT CABLE KNIT - did I mention I love cable knit? ever?) socks! SOCKS! these are exciting. Fleece lined and complete with kitten-attracting bobbles, I also live in these. Maybe my laundry schedule needs some looking at...

But mostly, yes. I miss work. Its difficult to not have things to write about. My feet are returning to their former healthy glory, when a freak day in heels causes shock to the nerve endings and by 16.30 I start walking a bit like Bambi.

So bring on tomorrow when I get to stumble around IPC in some 4-inchers, devour press releases, squeeze a few issues of mag work into a 3 day week and hopefully get some blog fodder too. And I can't WAIT to needlessly (I'm not leaving my desk!) apply my favourite Dior Rouge Dior in Red Premier at frequent intervals. I can't believe how much I do love lipstick...

p.s. In the meantime The Outnet keeps me occupied. These Lanvin TRAINERS are tempting me. Goodness how I've changed.
p.p.s. Dear, these make me think of you x

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  1. These are the best things i've ever seen. lust.