Tuesday, 8 February 2011

'The Luella'...

...is what I shall be naming the (or I should say 'my') colour combo of choice for as soon as the weather allows it.

Pink and orange was Luella Bartley's hero duo - remember the s/s 09 pastel confection fest? I cannot seem to forget it, even almost two summers later and after the labels sad demise. So sad. I did get a wicked bag and trench out of the closing sale though...
So at today's first hint of sunglasses tease, I got a bit fixated on finding an orange shorts & shoes/pink top outfit. This is the fault of the fashion team here, who hung up a winter version on their styling rack, which sits opposite my desk (dangerous) a few weeks ago. I have been thinking about it since. How ridiculously sad come to think of it.

Still, I am going to get these asos shorts. I know I can't wear them with anything else and they'll probably make my winter pale legs look like Elwood's (that is my white cat), but even one wear is worth it. They are like sunshine on a hanger.

ESPECIALLY when teamed with Camilla Skovgaard shoe heaven. Sadly they only have a 37.5 on the outnet, but that just gives me a project for my next weeks convalescent web surfing.

Finally the perfect Splendid T. net-a-porter

Too much? Note to self: start to love neutral lipstick.

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