Wednesday, 19 January 2011

At Last! some beauty news

My back to work glow wore off after about twenty minutes of looking at this: A LOT piles up in the beauty department when its editor is a part timer...

Also, there were no less than three deliveries of chocolates. Yes I know, so ungrateful, but you don't understand how much it hurts to give up something you love as much as I love chocolate for six months. It hurts a lot more when you get sent Lindor (my favourite in the world) and have to give it up to Lucy Wood, Fashion News Editor. Lucky b**stard. If you are a PR with a heart please keep the chocolates in your own office. But thanks for the thought!

Two things restored me to my former glory. One, the next installment from Nails Inc for Diet Coke. Just like the last collaboration, which contained my 2010 nail obsession, 'London', this Catwalk Collection has Cool Caramel. Which is basically my 2011 nail obsession. I know its early days but I'm feeling confident that it can take the crown. Its ltd. ed. you have to buy 2 little bottles of Diet Coke from Boots - the maths will never work out (Nails Inc full size, which this is, costs £11, and this colour is outstanding), but really, don't question it.

Oh, and the other happy thing: the YSL ring on my finger, yes, I succumbed to Net A Porter in a moment of severe boredom, and it was worth the tenner postage...

the other 3 shades in the collection


  1. Gaaaaawd, that YSL ring is a stunner. Developed a ridiculous obsession over the Art Deco ring when it first came but I feel that shifting. Welcome back! x

    p.s would'nt feel right of me to comment on the Nails Inc colours ;)

  2. Ah, I do like a caramel nail and those look very nice Soph. Also, *ahem*, I don't mind looking after some of your chocs...