Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wow it Works!

As much as I get inundated with beauty promises, some are better fulfilled than others. So its nice when something is so impressive that I feel the need to tell everyone who'll listen. After my first installment on look.co.uk, I've collected a few more mind-blowers, calculated from my personal usage to compliment ratio; this stuff REALLY works. So before I share those, here's the last lot.
Seriously, get these!

Vichy Cellular SOS Repair Balm.

Two hours in South African sun, + local ineffective sunscreen = embarrassing pink skin bikini.

After three days of my usual aftersun not helping I tried this one, and went from pink to brown within a few hours – I kid you not.

Swiss Dent Nano Whitening Toothpaste, £15

OK I’ll admit it, I had this lingering in my ‘spares’ cupboard, and only used it when my Colgate ran out and my local Tesco was closed. Three days later I was baffled at all the compliments on my white teeth and finally put two and two together. And this from someone who has tried every whitening method under the sun…

Available Nationwide


PH Advantage Acne Treatment, from £20

Years of testing truckloads of different skincare gave me beauty editor’s syndrome – unpredictable skin. After a good few years trying to fix it (including an ineffective doctor visit) I got this on my desk. It’s medical grade skincare, which sounds extreme, but even if you only have the odd breakout and sensitive skin like me it’s a godsend. Clear skin in two weeks – yes thanks...


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