Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Kitten Love

So I heard a buzz about these Paul & Joe Collection C lipsticks a while ago (my ears pick up on anything cat related remarkably well - a bit like a cat I guess). Then I saw them on a blog. Then we got them in! But I was away. But Katie put one aside for me! but then she had to shoot it and the still life photographer chopped it up. But then she got me another one! Joy of joys.

I can't do anything but admire it - wearing it would be like using Rodin's The Kiss as blackboard chalk.

On a similarly exciting note my friend Jasmine went to a wedding and after a wet luggage dye transference incident, found this emergency replacement dress in a boutique in Cyprus. This is the only public picture of it but even from behind it's caused a stir on my desk. The girl has taste.

You can get the Paul & Joe Vefour Dress in black or coral here - for euro 465. I'll stick to owning the lipstick - I have a friend with fashion borrowing benefits...

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  1. wow thats amazing but I would be scared to use it as its so beautiful!!!

    Lovely blog.. I will be following and looking out for beauty tips, care to swap links?

    victoria xx