Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Super Scandal

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So I've been wondering if this little story of sex, sleaze and scandal comes under the 'life of a beauty editor' remit. And I decided that, yes, it does. So, for your reading pleasure, this is the tale of 'When I Went to Morocco'.

There was a trip, it was hot, my team and I had a good time, (although, did I mention this before? it was FORTY EIGHT DEGREES!!!), then along came another team from another unnamed magazine and that is where our story begins.

They were waaay too 'cool' for school, or to talk to us mainstreamers, so we didn't have much to do with them. Apart from when they stayed up the whole night before our flight to 'party' in the villa and then share a cab with us to the airport first thing next morning. Not such a fun experience with 5 reeeally drunk 'cool' people. Can you sense the sarcasm or do I need to do a few ^^^'s?

So when the editor and model sat a few rows in front of us on the Easy Jet flight home, we were displeased. Oh how wrong we were.

My team fell asleep, I continued to look forward, as you do on aeroplanes, when there was a commotion behind and three stewards in all their orange glory speed walked up the aisle, exclaiming 'excuse me! excuse me!', and up came the models head, from about lap level shall we say. There was much finger wagging and disapproving looks, at which point the penny dropped and I woke up my team pointing and mouthing 'BL*W J*B!!'

I mean, for goodness sake, 10am people. On an EasyJet flight. In their seats! There was a toilet right opposite! So on my way to the toilet opposite I snuck a glance and sure enough - still at it. The Steward comes running up behind me and yells with all his might 'HEY!' She was trying to mount him. they had their passports confiscated, we were beside ourselves with joy.

When the steward walked past us later Clare, makeup artist told him, 'we're proud of you'. He smiled conspiratorially.

Can I just add that during my loo run at the end of the flight the editors' tray table was down and the models' hand was somewhere beneath it. Will they never learn?

Three weeks on and I'm being told this story by models and taxi drivers alike (well, one taxi driver who heard the news on the ground), as something of an urban myth. I can hereby confirm that the scandal is TRUE and disgusting.

What a super super story...